Geiger inspires the happiest sales partners in the promotional products industry.


Tim Andrews - ASI President and CEO


Geiger has been an industry leader for more than 100 years. Geiger’s emphasis on community and industry has garnered the company an impressive slate of awards. In fact, no single firm has been honored more by ASI than Geiger. Gene Geiger and Jo-an Lantz has been on ASI’s Power 50 list since it’s origin. Jo-an Lantz was honored by Counselor Magazine in 2004 as the International Person of the Year and in 1998 as the Woman of Distinction. The Counselor Person of the Year award has included three people with ties to Geiger, and the Counselor Marvin Spike Lifetime Achievement Award has been presented twice to long time Geiger associates. Gene and Jo-an are true thought leaders in our industry. They are innovators. They are go-to people. When I want to be informed when I want to have a reasoned debate on industry issues I talk to Gene and I talk to Jo-an. And I’m really happy to call them friends.

Paul Lage, Production Partner - Imagen Brands


I’ve been in the industry more than 25 years and a fan of Geiger for my entire career. They’ve been a leading distributorship in our industry for a very long period of time. And why? It’s where the professionals go. It’s a family owned business that is full of integrity and yet full of innovation. As a supplier, we’re honored to be a partner of Geiger.

Marty Lott, Production Partner - SanMar


Integrity and trust are at the heart of every good relationship. And at SanMar it’s important for us to do business with people we trust. We truly value the relationship we’ve had with Geiger over the years. It’s one of mutual trust and collaboration. We admire how Geiger puts the customer first and truly builds lasting relationships. It’s no wonder Geiger is one the most influential promotional products companies.

Brian and Sonya Beam - Sales Partners


Honestly, we never thought we would work for another company but here we are. One of the main reasons we joined Geiger was technology. Technology is top notch at Geiger. It’s so cool to be able to enter your orders online and be able to access them at any time to tell all your clients the status of a job. Another cool technology advantage is corporate programs. When we started with Geiger we had one corporate program, and now we’ve got three web stores. The technology allows us to compete on a national level and go after some serious business. The respect that Geiger has in the industry is so great. Suppliers are very supportive and they really partner with us to help us grow. The buying power as a large organization means great pricing and our margins have actually increased. Our choice was Geiger because Geiger really gets it.

Carrie Lautner - Sales Partner


I’ve been part of the Geiger organization for over 10 years. I continue this business relationship for many reasons but the main reason is the company is constantly reinvesting in itself. Reinvesting to ensure it not only keeps up with the demands of the current business climate but actually be on the cutting edge of it. Technology is probably the biggest area the company has invested in recently. We have an online order entry system where I can enter my orders and email to the factory in 30 minutes or less. It’s actually quicker than Domino’s pizza. The video support we receive has allowed me to target some specific industries, markets, and feature certain products and have seen an increase in sales as a result. If you have challenges with any of these technology tools Geiger has a helpdesk staffed with intelligent and patient individuals that can assist with any technology challenge. In a nutshell, I don’t think there’s another organization that can provide me with the current tools that I need for my business to flourish in this marketplace.

David Kennealey


I’ve been in the industry selling as a distributor for approximately 10 years. Prior to joining Geiger as an independent sales partner I was a client of Geiger’s for 9 years. What I value about the Geiger organization is the integrity and core values of this company. I know whatever the situation; my clients and myself are treated with open communication and always in our best interest. There is a solid level or trust in our relationship. This fact gives me the confidence of knowing I represent the best company in the industry where I can go to the marketplace and sell with confidence. The support system is unparalleled in the industry from sales support to the marketing group right up to Geiger’s leadership team. Dedication to support the sales partners is in their DNA. Great support and business process allow me to sleep at night and not worry about my client’s expectations. With Geiger’s integrity, dedication, unparalleled support, it has allowed me to write a successful and profitable business. Please join me as a fellow sales partner and see for yourself that Geiger Gets It.