Geiger inspires the happiest sales partners in the promotional products industry.


show me the money.

Advanced Commission.
Geiger pays advanced commissions when you place the factory-ready order** not after the customer pays. We even pay a bonus of up to 10% on annual commissions.
Business Development Fund.
You need to spend money to make money. So we developed a business development fund you can use for shipping spec samples, printing marketing materials, ordering self promotional material and more.
Special Pricing.
Geiger’s Supply Chain team works with our vendors to provide great pricing opportunities. You’ll see the difference every time you compete against another distributor.

Get Recognized.

Get recognized. We celebrate our top performers at our national sales conference, Galaxy of Stars. We announce the new location each year. You can also bring a guest, because they give you the support you need all year long. We fill the days with exciting tourist events and networking opportunities with both production partners, corporate and regional managers, and other top sales partners around the country. We can let you in on the exciting location for the year during our chat.

Who can put a price on the best sales support from our Regional Vice Presidents. Meet the Sales Team on their dedicated page.

Credit Check | Order Financing.
No one wants to place an order with a supplier and wait 120+ days to receive the money from the client. With international orders, it can take even longer. So most importantly, we take care of the credit check and order financing so you don’t worry about your cash flow.
Of course, we offer a referral program to find more talented sales partners like yourselves. You will receive a lucrative override on their commission for three years. In an industry where no one controls the market, it becomes important to team together for the best results.
Financial Strength.
Geiger enjoys the credit ratings and purchasing power of a company under a strong CFO and senior management team. Our impeccable credit ratings come from our payment history and financial strength. Our relationship and purchasing power with vendors allow you to compete.
*Complete details, and any restrictions, of your compensation package will be discussed during our meeting. **When scheduled to ship within 120 days.