eMarketing Pro.

eMarketing Pro

Put the following tools to work for you:

Personalized eCommerce Site

Your personalized geiger.com site features the majority of our top selling items, with new products added daily. Any orders from the site will come directly to you and not processed as a lead. Your personal contact information, logo, and picture will be displayed on the home page.

Research Tools (ESP or SAGE)

Select the research tool that best fits your needs:

Geiger ESPWeb™ is available in an online format as a powerful research tool. Features notes about our special pricing arrange­ments, supplier search, online presentation features, virtual spec samples and much more!


Geiger SAGE Online™ features over a million products from nearly 4,300 suppliers. It is packed with powerful features that streamline your business processes. Search for products and suppliers, create professional presentations, plan for tradeshows and more!

Online Email Marketing (Click Marketing)

Emails are sent on your behalf and will contain your personal contact information and each email will appear that it came directly from you. Any inquiries made by your contact list will go directly to you. We handle the contact and distribution, you get the feed­back. Five packages to choose from in any combination. Sign up instructions are on 121GW.


eCommerce site focused on bringing in new prospects for you to service, populated with products from our top suppliers. Leads assigned based on geography, eMarketing Pro participation, responsiveness to previous leads, and client needs. See Personalized eCommerce site above for paid personalized site.


Priority+ is an Online Order Entry System, brought to you by Geiger. The system allows a user to enter an order directly online and submit the complete order into our database for verification.


Intranet site is for Geiger sales partners and associates to view our Geiger exclusive company and industry information. Contains event information, PSA specials, compa­ny directory, downloadable files such as manuals and presentations as well as Geiger logos, sample marketing materials, along with many other features!

Geiger Store

Your place to shop for Geiger branded products, PSAs, and marketing tools in a quick and user-friendly way. Costs for items purchased will be applied to your business devel­opment fund, charged against your sales and earnings or pay with a credit card.

Geiger Star Performers

Our Geiger Star Performers catalog is accessible to you and your clients via print, as part of the Geiger.com product line, and as an award-winning eCatalog. This tool dis­plays products with special negotiated pricing from our top suppliers.

Award-winning IT Help Desk

Tech support is as simple as placing a call to 800-685-0609, ext. 2510 or sending an email to helpdesk@geiger.com. All calls are answered immediately by a team of live technology specialists who just live to walk you through any computer glitch and get you back to selling.

Geiger E-mail Address and Mimecast Spam Filter

Capitalize on Geiger’s name recognition by having geiger.com as part of your e-mail address. Contact the Help Desk at 800-685-0609, ext. 2510 or helpdesk@geiger.com to set up your Geiger e-mail account. Also available is the mimecast spam filter, an e-mail protection service that filters and quarantines junk e-mails for sales partners who have a Geiger e-mail address.

Education and Training

Check your 121GW calendar for upcoming educational sessions in your area or via a GConnect meeting (online). Invitations will arrive from instructor and/or your division manager.

Sales Research Email and Facebook Group

Take advantage of your fellow sales partner’s experience and knowledge for ideas and product researching. Both the email and Facebook groups are made up of Geiger sales partners from all around the country as well as various associates and managers.